Thursday, July 9, 2009

annie lennox SINGS

I loved seeing annie lennox at the teatro at Monte last night. she has always been one of my favourite singers and we were all hoping for a eurhythmics song. She was so nice and down to earth and chatted away to redi direko who was interviewing her. annie had a very uncomfortable chair one of those swivelly ones where you dont know quite where to put your feet. harrowing images of young children with aids brought the message home. annie considers herself african (this should not be confined to the colour of ones skin so hurray for her) and hummed the national anthem, the crowd joined in siging the english and afrikaans verses more lustily than the first verse (probably retribution for the confederations cup). annie even managed to sing in xhosa and get the moves right although she did not have the booty. some of the crowd were eexpecting a concert but actually seeing someone in conversation and seeing them excuse mistakes made on the piano is more intimate than a concert. she had the most magnificent voice but we wondered if the altitude had not affected it a bit?

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