Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On mechanics and the Government

Sometimes bad things have to happen before you learn stuff ... still on my plates, I just got back from my mechanic where I was informed that it would cost me R200 for a new plate and on top of that another R200 for them to "bolt the plates on". Now chicks today are a sussed breed. Unlike the Women's Libbers of the 70s we love to be feminine and to dress nicely. But we also know that our earning power is considerable, that marketers look into what we spend our money on and why. We also know when we are being ripped off. Even if we don't know a car inside out we don't accept some Neanderthal wiping his greasy paws on a filthy rag telling us that we have to cough up massive sums to fix something! Not that R200 is a massive sum, but it is R200 more than I was quoted for. And I know for a fact that you cannot drill through a numberplate or "bolt it on". That's why they are so easy to steal in the first place!

The new numberplates that are coming out contain a chip that means they are traceable. They cost around R700 and are also a huge rip off because the Government is going to start to charge each vehicle toll fees without actually having to go to the trouble of building toll gates and man them with staff.

Does that mean if it isn't the backyard mechanic trying to screw you over, it's the Government? My solution to the chauvinistic mechanic is to attach them to a chain close to the cars where they can run around, assume dominant male positions, grunt and scratch themselves without annoying the female clientele too much (if only they were cuter, we could forgive them. Fortunately my place put the cute boy front-of-house and the Neantherthal gets to yell loudly at his staff off-site while scratching himself in places you did not know were possible). As for the Government, well there are ways to deal with them too. Look at what happened to the Nats, even if it did take 50 years.

So I will not be paying the extra R200, instead I am taking the car with its new plate to a friendly neighbour who will put it on for me.

Let's hope by next week the plates aren't gone again, as all the thieves have to do is slide them out of their backing. Wish me luck ...

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