Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August rush to the BMW Polo

A panorama of the West Stand at Inanda. The place was packed!

The BMW International Polo at Inanda in Johannesburg was posh-but-relaxed and the early spring day turned out to be superb. A great crowd turned out to see Chile play South Africa and the BMW marquee held a record number of guests. The marquee was beautifully decorated in black and white with accents of fresh zesty green and many of the guests followed suit. The WASPy crowd of days gone by has dissolved into a more rainbow reflection of our nation and the black diamonds who flocked to the polo were of 24-carat quality.

Everything was going champion Chile's way until South Africa turned the tables and beat the visiting team 7-5. It may have been the presence of polo's whizzkid Jean du Plessis on the team!

Chile bites ... Giving our boys a good run for their money.

Isi-stickwork! Trying to give the ball a good clobber

Pattern of behaviour ...Each of the tables was beautifully decorated.

Even though the days of stomping the divots are over these three still found the time to see and be seen.

Bay watch ... or should that be 'babe'?

Close to the action ... picnic'ing pologoers enjoyed the game in style, despite the dust.

The big cheeses ... Moetetsi Mbeki, BMW PR Guy Trefoil and Bodo Donauer, the MD of BMW South Africa, with Shenila Mohamed.

Hats for Africa ... Pallu boutique owner Peta Eggieth-Symes with Michael de Pinna and Carolyn Steyn in matching pistachio-green hats.

A bit of posh ... better than a Panama!

More of the interior of the BMW marquee.

DJ Mr Edwards and Idols singer Graeme Watkins.

Lerato Ngwane, Zama Ngwane and Linda Makhanya.

In camera ... taking the photographer's picture!


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