Monday, February 1, 2010

The rainbow nation goes to the races

Freak show city ... check out the blue hair caught in a very strong South-Easter!

Sensational ... Pabi Moloi, who was one of the judges,kept her cute grey hat on her bald head with elastic.

The River flows through it ... River Jetez, Pocket Power's sister came in with odds of around 60-1. Ridden here by jockey, Glen Hatt.

Over the top ... Some punters didn't bother to dress, just painted on their outfit!

Psychedelic, baby ... YFM's Twinz, Ntando and Hlelo Masina.

Pink 'fros ...The girls at the icecream stand, Monade van Heerden with Nicole Bester and Mieke Esterhuyse.

Best dressed couple ... Henri Slier in an hallucinogenic Carducci jacket and Thembi Seete

Hey, don't take that picture say the world's silliest talk show hosts, Corne and Twakkie. We're not Asterix and Obelix

And the winner is ... Durbanite Kevin Ellis (who is a bit of a Pocket Power in the design department, as he has won for several years) with his model in front of the J&B marquee.

Girls in tight dresses ... Christina Storm, Cindy Nell and Uyanda Mbuli.

Nice, but not raceday ... Minki van der Westhuizen in a gorgeous long pink evening gown with Ryan O'Connor.

Old soft shoe shuffle ... a very doo-wop moment from Kwela Tebza (Tshepo, Mpho and Tebogo Lerole).

It was pink and purple and blue and ... Meet Joseph's Technicolour hair worn by a gentleman with the very fusion name of Kevin van Tonder.

Fine feathers ... Lihle Njikelana & Ziphozakhe Zokufa

The new Miss South Africa 2010 ... Nicole Flint in a Malcolm Kluk design.

Bright lady ... Leigh-Anne Williams.

This year's J&B Met was a riot of colour and a few interesting things went down...

The new Miss SA, Nicole Flint unsuspectingly started a Twitter debate on whether she should wear her sash or not. Obviously us South Africans have nothing better to do but tweets flew back and forth. She told the press that she wore her sash so that people would get to know her as she didn't feel that they did yet. But several felt the sash was not ayoba! It certainly didn't go with her gorgeous Malcolm Kluk dress.

The lunchtime Mango flight was late by about one hour, and the captain made an announcement telling passengers that this was because their fellow J&B revellers had all been late for an earlier flight that day. Mango came on board with great rates and was the official carrier for the Met, so I guess they couldnt tell the bigwigs, sorry for you, we're not holding flights because you have a hangover.

PS: Met organiser Eddy Cassar, when asked about this had this to say: "Crap, crap, crap and nonsense! he seemed to think it was a joke on the part of the captain ...

Herschelle Gibbs obviously knows he has a cute butt as he was wearing a pair of very tight white Levis with studs on the pockets (knowing where the eye will go). His father overheard the remarks about his son's tush and was delighted. He rushed off to tell Herschelle who was hanging out with Bobby Skinstad. Bob was obviously H's wing man as he was wearing a pair of shapeless schlumpy jeans with no focal point at all.

The question on everyone's lips on the way home, was: is she, isn't she? Referring to singer Lira who is rumoured to be three months' pregnant. We all noticed her different hair but couldn't tell from the high-waisted dress she had on (she has been favouring these for some time now).

TV star Natalie Bekker had a dingdong fight with the "pudding guy" Dirk de Villiers when he started bringing out macaroons and cupcakes. "It's no good you standing around," he told her, adding that people could only start eating the treats at 5pm. While they were arguing naturally people were pulling in and filling up their plates with everything in sight. Natalie was outraged, however, and told him not to be such a bitch. He immediately got on to his cellphone while the macaroons disappeared at an ever more rapid rate!

Zuraida Jardine's new baby was much admired and she was congratulated for being a presenter on Alan Ford's new show (he left 3 Talk at the end of last week). However she told me that she hadn't signed the contract yet and didn't consider anything concrete until signatures were in place.

The stars of Cape Town's hot new TV show MAN, the all male answer to Sex and the City, were all at the races. I overheard an ex girlfriend of one of them, Maurice, expressing how upset she was by the way he was being portrayed in the show (as an arrogant, womanising idiot!). "He's not like that at all," she said in the neck massage queue as our ears wiggled like satellite dishes. "He just says stupid things sometimes." If a man's ex has only nice things to say, one should listen, but I noticed that all the nice girls gave him a wide berth while the sluts positively threw themselves at him. He did not seem to mind!

Who knew that the Justerini and Brooks brothers made champagne? J&B sent over a couple of cases of their own private cuvee for the Met and the verdict was: "Very nice, it tastes just like Graham Beck!"

Has anyone started up an anti-Khanyi Mbau/Paris Hilton/Oxygen Thieves of the World Facebook posting yet? Khanyi would survive everything, even 2012, and still manages to make headlines for absolutely no reason. She tried to push her way into the J&B hospitality marquee, trying the very original line: "Do you know who I am?".

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