Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day comes early

He who pays for the Piper ... a romantic spot of bubbly!

VALENTINE'S DAY came three days early this year, with a Glamour magazine readers' event at the chicest mall in Joburg, Hyde Park. The mall carries screamingly expensive top fashion brands, some of which were on display in the downstairs court.

Love the shoes AND the handbag ... Part of the display from the Hyde Park shops

We all met up at the new Southern Sun Hotel and enjoyed some cool poolside mingling ..

Cool pool ... the Southern Sun Hyde Park deck overlooking Sandton.

... before we went downstairs to Greek restaurant Santorini and enjoyed upmarket meze, fish and meat platters, all with plenty of lemon. The restaurant was curtained off from the rest of the centre, so there was an intimate feel, especially with the banquette seating.

A Greek salad at Santorini.

A lingerie show followed, showing off the French Shop's finest.

The Lollipop Lounge ... well not really. The girls from the lingerie show.

Paparazzi style ... Guests take pix of the models.

Ouch ... even lingerie models have bad angles.

Simply heavenly ... Lucky guests took home Angel for the ladies and Amen for the gents.

PS: For those who are anti-Valentine I loved the story on this week about the French guy who started up a business sending cow pooh to ex-lovers and spouses who had the cheek to dump just before Valentine's! He is doing a roaring trade apparently.

Pictures by primo social lensman, DAVID SHEKLETON

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