Thursday, August 27, 2009

busy, busy, busy

It's been a busy week, hence the blog-free zone. I went off to Cape Town Fashion Week last week, just for the Craig Port show. That's me with one of the cute Westies who were posing with everyone after the show at the door to the Atlantic restaurant.

Lindiwe Suttle posing outside the Atlantic Room at the Table Bay after the Craig Port show (Cape Town Fashion Week)

Still getting over his black toenail painted boy harem. Cape Town really is Planet Gay. Someone told me that ten percent of the world's mammals are gay, including the giraffe population. They should move to Cape Town and paint their toenails black.

After Cape Town (looking so beautiful that I forgot what a horrid childhood I had there) it was back to Joburg for a beautiful pre-spring sunshiny day at the BMW Polo. Very scaled down this year, only one marquee, but still terribly posh and fun. The talk was of Top Billing which rumour has it is going off the air. Bumped into Kelly Parkhurst's "plus one", a Durbanite called Grant, who said that SHE said that there will be reruns in January and February, and then the programme will be back on air. So whose story is true? People generally like the juicier version (whether it's true or not), don't they? Like Belinda boutique, who were based in Hyde Park but apparently did a bunk in the middle of the night. But I see they have relocated back in Parkhurst where they own a house. Damn, can't get to the bottom of this and it's driving me crazy. Everyone has a different version. Let's phone up Naomi Larkin, ex editor of Style magazine, who used to work at Belinda. She should have all the goss!

Off to Giselle the ballet on Saturday and then it's the magnigicent Michael Fridjhon Wine Experience at the Hyatt regency. The GM Yann Gillet was kind enough to invite me and a partner to the Sunday champagne brunch. Suddenly things have picked up after a very quiet and philosophical two weeks so I am back into social bunny mode.

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