Saturday, August 1, 2009

salsa, baby, salsa

It's not often that songstress PJ Powers leaves an event halfway through. "It would have helped if I spoke Spanish," she said of the premiere of Lady Salsa. I had the opposite reaction to the show and loved it. ""This audience is probably going home to do the horizontal salsa, and make lots of babies," said my neighbour and friend Tat Wolfen who I asked along to enjoy the show. He was very reluctant to get his ass out of his chair and try it out though!

We were very suspicious when members of the audience were dragged up to try out their hip gyrating moves and all proved almost expert in this sexy dance. Even the old ballies were wiggling away and loving every moment, surrounded by nubile young dancers' bodies. I picked out my favourite in the front row, the cutest little peanut with a flashing smile and a body made of indiarubber. It proved that it just doesn't matter how old you are or what your body looks like, if your body rejoices in the feeling of dance that is all that matters. It proves that yoy are alive! Could this incredible prowess on the part of the audience be because Virgin Active has been holding salsa classes (which they call Zumba)? Salsa classes are huge in places like France and I can see this dance form taking off like wildfire in South Africa which loves to dance.

Brazilian and African rhythms are intertwined, as the drums beat together with the Latin Guitar. It was enough to ALMOST make me forget my attachment to the tango.

My onw bitch was that enough of "the glorious revolution" please. Revolutions by their very nature never improve people's lives, except those in whose interests it is that the social order is completely overturned. They create misery, bloodshed and often more poverty and repression than before. Besides the fact that a street in Durban is now named after Che Guevara what relevance does the whole Cuban ideology have? Oops, I forgot about our friend Fidel who doesn't like soap operas!
Speaking of street names, Durban is starting to look like a sailor's forearm: I love Mum (crossed out), I love Grey Street (painted out in black paint so your GPS system doesn;t know where the hell you are anymore), I Love Che Guevera Street. Oh no, look what the municipal strikers did to it over the last week. What a load of rubbish!

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