Friday, September 18, 2009

Champagnistas rejoice

I know there probably isn't a word as "champagnista" in Collins or the OED but as Humpty Dumpty said "When I make a word do a lot of work like that I always pay it extra". So champagnista it is, and there were plenty of those at the Champagne Tasting at the Hyatt Regency last night. Cape Wine Master and champagnista of note Heidi Duminy, who has started up her own company HeidiVine, explained the various Moets to us. Moet is the most mispronounced word in the champagnista's dictionary, she said, as the founder was a Dutchman and pronounced the T. So it'isn't Mo-AY after all, but MO-ET (but pronounced the French way, just to confuse everybody.

Hyatt GM Yann Gillet does all these wonderful functions at the hotel and his culinary team had produced some deicious nibbles to go with each vintage. Sushi and lobster morsels for the Brut, parma and melon slices for the Grand Vintage and macaroons in hues of lemon, raspberry and chocolate for the Nectar.

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