Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We'll have what she's having

Lucky Yvonne Chaka, she was handed a brand new Mont Blanc watch by Emmual Human and his team from Vendome Distributors at the Mont Blanc/Unicef function in Sandton last night. She was thrilled and handed over her old watch to her son Thembi. Some guests went shopping as free watches were not exactly falling out of the sky. Sandy Ngema and her lovely new fiance bought her some earrings, so Christmas came early this year. Strictly Come Dancing's Salome Sechaba came along as Timothy Moloi's date and was enjoying Jacques Lagesse's smoochy tunes. "This feels like a foxtrot,"' she sighed, doing the steps. Then she changed her mind. "Actually, it's a mix between that and a Teazers move,"she laughed.

Sandy was loving her chocolate pudding and said it was the culinary version of Jacques's singing. She loved it so much that every girl around her broke down and said: "I'll have what she's having". The same would have applied to Yvonne's watch.

Jacques was so good that I suggested that he bring out a CD. He just needed an agent, so I pointed him in the direction of "Daddy K", Danny's business savvy father. He would make sure that Jacques would give old Michael Buble a run for his money!

Interesting faces in the crowd, we were greeted by Edith Venter's old business partner and his new assistant Karen Machlachan. I guess when she took the litle black book with her quite a few of the guests's names were in it!

Thuli Sithole was with her boyfriend of some three years, Prince Dlamini. I kind of picked up that they would be the next happy couple at Edith's birthday party earlier this year, and so it proved. I don't know if marrying Prince will make Thuli a princess but she certainly seems to feel like one.

Best frock of the evening belonged to a girl from Destiny mag whose boyfriend bought it for her at Zara in Paris. It had great little pleats and a plaid pattern and she wore it of course with killer heels and hair scraped into a modelly chignon.

Sharron McPherson of Wedi International and her husband Mark, who were monopolised by 2 girls from Investec, told us of their erstwhile resturant Rhthyms and of the malevolent chef ghost who inhabited it. Apparently he set off the alarm at 5am and put worms in the black pepper. He killed himself over a woman (poor fool) and then turned nasty in the afterlife apparently. It's all very well to scoff but anyone who's ever been faced with bad ghostly vibes presumably knows what they were talking about.

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