Wednesday, September 2, 2009

spring smells at Jo Malone

I was invited to try out the Jo Malone range at their shop in Hyde Park, a lovely thing to do for spring. The whole shop smells incredibly delicious and doesn't give you a headache, unlike many other fragrances on the market. My consultant did a personal smell test with me, with a chart. She told me that acidic skins like mine held fragrances better and longer. We lingered over the pomegranate noir then decided to go with the jasmine and mint. After a hot towel (mmm, my favourite) my arms were smeared with Agava and Cacao shea butter which smells just like chocolate, and which she "moussed up"in a little cup. And I always thought Cacoa was something you put in cocktails to make them blue. Then she sprayed each arm with a different fragrance, one for day and one for night. A quick spritz over the hair and I was set to go, feeling like a new woman. It's true, women don't give themselves little treats. We feel too guilty, looking after every one else, and our society makes us feel bad to be so self-indulgent. This is not a woman-friendly society, after all. Hearing how our men talk about women makes me feel physically ill sometimes. There is so much visible violence, contempt towards and hatred of the beings who brought them into the world I wonder where it came from, and what we did to deserve it?

A litle indulgence with wonderfully sophisticated, evolved and sensual fragrances helped me cope and feel more happy with my femininity and humanity. I walked out feeling like a million dollars and promptly bumped into Princess Zenani Dlamini Mandela who was shopping for her brood of children and grandchildren at McCullach & Bothwell. "Smell me!"I demanded, rushing over. She was visibly amused, but duly sniffed each arm, saying she preferred the jasmine.

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