Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dion looks into his fashion crystal ball

Trend anyalist Dion Chang is called upon many a time to forecast what the future holds and Hyde Park Shopping asked him to tell them about the Spring/Summer Trends 2009/10 at a party held in the centre, drawing on labels from the stores. This is what we can expect to see around in the smarter parts of town from Cape Town to Joburg ...

Going bush - the Hyde Park way

Rewind – The Bush

A rugged pioneer look harks back to early settlers. The look of the fabrics – toughened authentic denims and casual shirting, worn-in and a little distressed. Colours speak their surroundings: dusty, washed, worn and faded inspired by the trek through harsh arid landscapes. Rusted iron, dry grass and bush greens combine well with authentic and vintage denims. Indigenous art inspires the print direction, with stories reinvented into modern graphics. Clashing cultures form the smorgasbord from which to pick and choose. Worn-in leathers are used to create accessories, and the look is revamped with a range of sporty footwear in bold colours.

The safari dress never looked so good

Play – The Farm

This trend focuses in sustainability as a way of life, the environment and living in harmony with fellow man. It's all about the farm, so we see foliage, florals and animals in the motifs. Keywords include bespoke, craft, handmade and organic. Looks are very practical so we see utility pockets coming through in jackets, shirts and shorts. Dungarees, playsuits and pinafores mark a decidedly offbeat femininity for the girls. Accessories are garden related: gumboots, garden hats, handmade jewellery and recycled bags and trinkets. A palette of green, from fresh, earthy and organic, to boiled and dyed. Neutrals and whites with sharp berry accents lighten and brighten the mood.

Just throw on a kaftan ...

Pause – The Karoo

Nomads are the inspiration. The soft, loose jersey knits are wrapped and layered around the body, but not constrictive. Fabrics are functional and dressing is tonal with a contrast of high-sheen in polished cottons. Draping, gathering, folding and tying are key details to this look and we are seeing all manners of middle-eastern style pants coming through here. Motifs and patterns are arabic and desert inspired and he head becomes a key focus, bound, wrapped, and hooded in patterned scarves. Desert trekking inspires the palette: colours that work in lightweight fabrics and loose jersey layers, rich neutrals such as teak and mahogany give gravity to the mood, which can be lightened by a white-on white effect and shots of paprika and sky blue.

Time to break out the Afro-print dress

Fast-Forward – The North Coast

Moving forward, this mood is optimistic, an exotic riot of colour, print and clashing cultures found on an Indian road trip. Themes include collecting and borrowing: kaftans paired with bermuda shorts and sundresses with bikini tops. Prints and patterns are Indian and Kashmiri inspired with a few vintage gems thrown in. Colours are vivid, offset by chalk whites. Bright flashes take on a semi-fluorescent tone which are sun-bleached and set against a tropical, fruity backdrop. Fabrics are breezy, like voiles and chiffon. Twills and canvas form the basis of this casual wear look, with madras checks and faded stripes for the gents. Accessories include all the high summer staples like beach hats and sunglasses, with printed scarves and beach bags and some ethnic jewellery thrown in the mix.

And what are the boys up to?

Looks like they're wearing little Panama hats!

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